JaxJox JaxJox Kettlebell Connect 2.0


Product description

JaxJox Kettlebell Connect 2.0

The KettlebellConnect™ 2.0 is an advanced all in one, adjustable kettlebell designed to help you achieve your health, fitness and wellbeing goals.
Featuring advanced patented technology the KettlebellConnect™ 2.0 features an exclusive electronically automated 6 weights in one design ranging from 5.5kg - 19kg. It is armed with real time performance reporting and tracking.

Through an easy to use product interface you can add or drop weight in a matter of seconds, saving you space and time and enabling you to easily switch between exercises, where different weights may be required.

The KettlebellConnect™ 2.0 also connects to the JAXJOX App so you can track your reps, sets, weight, time, average volume and power in real time as well as determine your Fitness IQ score.

Fitness IQ Score keeps users informed on overall progress. It uses peak and average power, heart rate, consistency, steps, body weight and your chosen fitness level in your calculation.

The JAXJOX app connects to other JAXJOX products, fitness tracking devices such as Apple Healthkit and hosts a series of exclusive workouts for JAXJOX users.


Product code: 760309

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