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This January, FLANNELS X became the hub for inspiring the pursuit of movement; hosting a series of events and a capsule collection drop with MARCHON, 247 by Represent, and the global leader in wellness nutrition and CBD products, Puresport. The Good Intentions campaign is as the title implies; it champions the positive impact that focusing on your personal wellbeing can have.

It’s campaigns like these that make the sometimes overwhelming start to the new year more palatable. ‘Tis the season of resolutions, goals and reflections, where we’re confronted with clichés like "New Year, New Me" (best placed in the bin). It’s no surprise that Forbes recently found that a mere 6% adhere to our audacious resolutions, raining on our well-intentioned parade.

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In pursuit of deeper insights into achieving our personal goals, I spoke with George Heaton, the creative force and co-founder of luxury streetwear brand Represent and Ollie Marchon, the visionary propelling MARCHON, the global fitness community. Both have been able to strike the right balance to fulfil their potential — not just in the gym, but through using fitness as a tool to manifest successful businesses.

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“Fitness allows the body and mind to understand development, which can be transferred across multiple aspects of life, especially in business.”

Manchester's George Heaton, 30, co-founded Represent 13 years ago alongside his brother, Michael, transforming a modest idea into a multi-million-pound brand. His daily pillars—family, fitness, business—guide his day-to-day.

In 2019, George started implementing fitness into his daily routine more intentionally, particularly Crossfit, altering his physique and mindset. Fast forward to now, he’s developed a 247 fitness app. “There is an absolute correlation to the growth of myself and my team with the implementation of fitness into my lifestyle and those around me.”

Creativity can be born from unexpected places, but George senses a pattern with fitness. “What you put into your body and into your brain flows through to your output. Mental clarity is definitely a factor of being fit and healthy, allowing you to create more freely. The moments during a workout can help open you up to bright ideas—you’re alone with your mind, free from distractions, allowing clear thinking. Some of my best ideas have come from long runs and heavy Crossfit circuits.”

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"Fitness inside the weight room has always impacted what I do outside the weight room."

At 35, Ollie pivoted from professional rugby player to fitness entrepreneur, establishing MARCHON Athletic in 2016. Today, it has 30 employees, an app, three gyms (and counting), a supplement brand, merchandise, an education program, and a podcast.

Movement is at the cornerstone of Ollie’s 24 hours. While his routine, with a 4:30 am wake-up time and early bedtime may seem extreme, it’s a mindset instilled by his early years in sport: "You learn to understand what high pressure requires—shaping each day, consistency, hard work, and doing what keeps you on top."

For Ollie, fitness is never just “a workout”; it's training for life, preserving muscle mass, maintaining body composition, and enhancing Vo2max (maximal oxygen consumption) for life's challenges. Reflecting on its role, he says: "Everything starts with fitness – whether it's a physical sport, operating your business or improving relationships, you have a greater understanding of yourself and your limits, but you also have greater self-belief and self-confidence. I think that puts you in a more optimistic mindset, which I think is very important in this day and age."

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We are firmly in the era of multi-hyphenated job titles flooding Instagram bios and CVs alike. But before upskilling any further, both George and Ollie believe movement should be a permanent fixture in our lifestyles.

So, how should we start?

Ollie: Intertwine fitness with social activities and find something you truly enjoy, focusing on strength training and cardiovascular fitness for key benefits in ageing, longevity, and health.

George: Enjoy the moment. Fitness can be tough, goals challenging, but the reward for enduring the journey is the most enjoyable. Work hard and remember why you started.

India: Any fitness or nutritional myths you’d like to debunk?

George: Salt is a major key in nutrition and training. Electrolytes are needed for enduring, sweating, high heart rate sports, and everyday life. I also believe it’s a big part of why I haven’t been sick since I started taking salt regularly (three years in).

Ollie: ‘Fasted cardio is superior for fat loss’ or ‘Muscle can be turned into fat’ and vice versa.

India: Daily non-negotiables?

Ollie: My bedtime.

George: To train, to show up, and diet. Discipline is key to success, and the easiest way to cultivate self-discipline is through something as simple as what enters your body.

India: What’s next to conquer in 2024?

Ollie: For MARCHON, 2024 is refining what was done in 2022 and 2023, but better. Personally, I will compete in an ultramarathon and incorporate more rest, recovery, and breathwork. Tip: Ollie uses PureSport CBD drops every night to help with rest and recovery.

George: Achieving a sub-3:20 marathon time and a Men’s Health cover shoot. Both require opposite ends of the spectrum in terms of nutrition and physique, a juxtaposition I like to put myself through during the year. My goal last year was to complete a HYROX [the functional fitness competition] in under 60 minutes and run two ultramarathons, again, very different from each other.

India: What’s a quote that’s stuck with you?

George: I recently saw a RIMOWA billboard with: ‘Nobody builds a legacy by standing still,’ and that’s stuck with me. Movement is the key; fitness is movement. Going forward, pushing harder, and setting goals will take you much further than being still.

Ollie: It is a shame for a man to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable. - Socrates

India: Favourite piece from the capsule collection?

George: I love the shape of the 247 Tank, so being able to rep that with my favourite British brands in the fitness industry means a lot.

Ollie: The T for sure.

Start your movement journey outfitted in the 247 x MARCHON x Puresport collection so you too can “Move to Create”.




Living his dream, runner’s highs and being his own designer: the co-founder of Represent shares a day in his life.


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