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24 Hours With: Andy Murray

24 Hours With: Andy Murray

Andy Murray needs little introduction. With three major tennis titles under his belt (including Wimbledon, of course), the Scot has cemented his status as the hero of British tennis. Renowned for his straight-talking attitude and no-nonsense approach, he’s slowly but surely won over the nation.

Adding more strings to his bow than winning tennis titles, Murray has turned his hand to creating standout sportswear with leading performance brand Castore, aptly named AMC. The move is a stroke of genius, for who better to design hardworking technical pieces than someone who has performed at the highest level?

Ahead of the start of Wimbledon, the summer Olympics in Japan, and to celebrate the launch of his collab with Castore at FLANNELS, the tennis star shares a day in his life. From the last thing he does at night to his biggest inspiration and what makes great tennis gear, this is a day in the life of Andy Murray.

The first thing I do in the morning is get out of bed…

check on my children (who are already up and running around) and then head downstairs for some breakfast. Most mornings usually start with a bagel of some sort, avocado or peanut butter (not together obviously), we usually have the radio on, but with four young children, it’s not always easy to hear it. We are always up early, so it’s getting the kids sorted, then off to training.

My family are my inspiration…

whether it’s winning tournaments or putting the effort in behind closed doors to make sure I’m in the best place to compete. Everything I do, I do to make them proud.

Muhammad Ali will always be a huge inspiration for me.

There are many parallels between tennis and boxing (I’m a huge boxing fan), and Ali overcame a lot of adversity in his career to become the greatest of all time and transcended his sport. I loved his work ethic and the confidence he had.

I have a very varied music taste and I’ll listen to absolutely anything -

everything from club classics right the way through to country music.

My team and I try and ensure each day has a clear structure but that it’s also varied -

when you do a lot of movement-based activity every day it can get quite repetitive. Each day consists of a mixture of off-court, on court and gym work, which is always sandwiched between physio sessions. I’ll usually spend anything between 45-60 minutes warming up in the gym, before heading out for 2-3 hours of tennis. Depending on the intensity of the tennis session, I’ll then spend 1-2 hours in the gym in the afternoon on strength and conditioning/mobility type work. During tournaments, the warm-up time remains the same, but the other elements become a bit more flexible.

Lockdown changed things a lot.

I’m really fortunate to have a gym in my home, so I spent a lot of time in the beginning on the bike and the Versaclimber, and also quite a bit of time in the pool. After a few weeks though, being inside all the time got a bit tedious, so I started cycling quite a lot which was great. Obviously, all the courts were shut though, which meant I wasn’t able to practice.

I’m big on comfort but also quality.

I partnered with Castore a few years ago and together we created AMC, a premium tennis line. I work with the designers on every piece, with technical performance at the heart of the process. We are expanding it to cover lifestyle clothing as well, which is exciting.

It has to perform under the toughest conditions…

… so I always enjoy testing and feeding back on the latest fabrics. I really like the retro kits from the '80s, so we try to build some of that colour and design into the ranges where we can, but its good fun being part of the process.

Given the job, I spend a lot of time in tennis and training kit..

… so would probably describe my style as relaxed / casual. I do like fitted clothing though, and it’s something that is reflected across the AMC business. I don’t mind the occasional tailored suit though.

There is so much history connected to Wimbledon…

… and the atmosphere is special, especially Centre Court. I love playing in front of a British crowd. I’ve had many amazing moments over the years, with more to come. It also means I can stay at home with my family, which makes a nice change from hotels on the road.

Just stepping out on the court again will be special.

All the players missed playing there last year, it has definitely given me even more of an appreciation – let’s hope the sun is shining.

The first win was more about relief – finally I could stop being asked when I was going to win Wimbledon.

Winning it in front of my home support was an amazing feeling, and something that I will never forget.

My playing shirt is very different this year…

… made from an unusual material (am not allowed to say anymore for the moment). It’s also sustainable, which is really important to me. Keep a look out.

77 Sports Management was found with the notion that the athlete always comes first.

My experience with management agencies has been mixed and they tend to put profit before the athlete. When I was growing up, I didn’t really have anyone to help mentor me, and I consequently made a few mistakes. My role within the agency is in an advisory capacity, all of our athletes know they can reach out to me at any given point to ask me questions, whether it’s performance or personal they all know they can come to me and I’ll give them honest feedback.

Olivia Dean and Knucks wear Gucci
Olivia Dean and Knucks wear Gucci

Just coming home and being around my family and my dogs is enough….

… there’s nothing I especially do that helps me unwind, but I love being around for the school run, and bath time. They are always great to be around, for and any stresses during the day have usually disappeared by that point.

When you have four children, there is no ‘typical evening’.

More often than not it will involve a mixture of dinner time, play time, bath time, bedtime – hopefully in that order. Given my children are all young, bedtime seems to be getting earlier for us as well.

On my bedside table right now is…

… my phone charger, and a glass of water.

The last thing I do before lights out is…

… pray none of the children wake up in the night.