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Founder George Heaton takes us behind the scenes of an exclusive FLANNELS shoot in Liverpool.

To celebrate the launch of our exclusive Represent Pop Up in Liverpool, the brand took us behind the scenes of a busy week – from shooting a campaign in Liverpool to the opening of their exclusive Liverpool pop up.

Over the past 11 years, brothers George and Michael Heaton have built a fashion universe all of their own. Their sample sales draw in mammoth queues, their legion of fans travel the country to be the first to cop new drops and the brothers themselves have become big voices in the industry, appearing in their weekly, much-viewed ‘Behind The Brand’ YouTube series and some of the podcast world’s biggest shows.

A Manchester-born label with a big Northern contingency, this year the duo has been laser focused on building new connections in new cities. The result is a capsule collection created especially for FLANNELS, with Liverpool front and centre. The pieces take their cues from the iconic reds and blues that dominates the city’s football culture, with sweats, sneakers and varsity jackets decked out in the hues.

In the midst of the pandemic, the brand put its community front and centre, engaging daily via social media and more recently through the power of pop ups and the approach has paid off. “I feel like the brand’s got a really strong community that’s just getting better and better,” explains George Heaton. And the proof can be seen in their latest pop up in FLANNELS, Liverpool, which attracted a crowd of dedicated fans.

So, what was the concept behind their exclusive FLANNELS campaign? “We put an idea together where it would be two brothers together in the same household getting ready - one wearing the red, one wearing the blue, the two colours of Liverpool of course - splitting off in different directions outside the house but meeting up to come together at FLANNELS that night, where we lit it up with all the Represent display.”

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