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skincare tools that give good face

From easy neutrals to bold colours, meet the must-have eyeshadow palettes.

There’s no escaping that skincare tools and beauty gadgets are having a moment. From ancient beauty rituals rediscovered in the mainstream - like the gua sha and cupping - to tech-savvy gadgets that use blue lights and apps to power, they’re dominating our skincare routines. Whether you want to lift, sculpt, depuff or refresh the skin, here’s 10 to get you started.

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1. for cleaning: foreo luna 3

Looking for a deeper cleanse? Foreo’s Luna 3 is the answer. An electric cleanser, it works to eliminate trapped dirt, oil and dead skin cells in just one minute. With 16 pulsations to choose from, it also massages the skin, removing excess fluid, reducing puffiness and helping to target the signs of ageing.

Download the Foreo For You app to select your preferences and routine.

2. For Sculpting + Depuffing: Skin Gym Rose Quartz Gua Sha

The buzzword in beauty tools over the past two years, the gua sha – or scraper as it’s also known – found mass appeal during lockdown. A handy tool, it helps to sculpt and depuff the skin, promoting lymphatic drainage. Skin Gym’s heart-shaped version allows you to target large and small facial areas. Clever.

Apply a 50p-sized blob of oil to the skin – that'll make it nice and slippy – and using a light pressure, sweep the gua sha over the face. Move outwards, following the natural contours of the face. Repeat five times.

3. For Depuffing + Glowing Skin: Skin Gym Jade Facial Roller

Often used alongside the gua sha, a facial roller helps to promote lymphatic drainage and improve circulation. Plus, you can use it on top of sheet masks to help the product absorb into the skin. Pop in the fridge and it becomes a glorious cooling device too.

Apply oil to the skin and roll from the centre of the face out – starting at the chin and working upwards. Repeat five times on each side of the face.

4. For Lifting: Sarah Chapman Facialift

It may look like a torture instrument, but Sarah Chapman’s Faciallift tool brings the experience of their cult Skinesis massage straight to your home. Designed to mimic the fast tapping, pinching and knuckling of their signature treatment, it helps to brighten, lift, drain toxins and reduce puffiness. Sign us up.

Hold the massager at right angles to the face and push and roll upwards from the chin to the ears (avoiding the cheekbones), allowing the tool to separate. Repeat on the neck. Follow by holding the rollers together, using the flat disc to ‘tap’ over the face. Repeat six times.

5.For Calming & Awakening: Skin Gym Black Bead Cryocicles

Ever woken up with puffy skin following a late night? You’re not alone. These beads from Skin Gym are the one. Made of glass and containing cold liquid, they’re perfect for a refreshing facial massage. The result? Skin feels instantly awake, de-puffed and soothed. The dream during hot summer months and on bad allergy days.

Put in the freezer or run under cool water for a few minutes before use. With a rolling motion, push across the neck, cheeks and forehead for around two minutes.



For A Deep Cleanse: Sarah Chapman Pro Hydro Mist Steamer

Suffer from clogged-up pores and dull, dry skin? You may want to add a spot of steaming to your routine. This purifying steamer releases small steam particles that penetrate deep into the skin, deeply cleansing and unclogging pores. Add to this that it also removes dead skin cells to brighten the complexion and deeply hydrates and smooths the skin to reduce the appearance of fine lines, and it’s a no-brainer.

Cleanse face thoroughly, fill the machine with water and relax for five minutes in the steam. Simple.

7. For Acne: Foreo Espada Acne Treatment

A blemish treatment pen, equipped with ‘light pulse technology’, Foreo’s Espada tool is designed to target blemishes at the source. The anti-microbial effects associated with blue light leave skin clearer, healthier and with blemishes and breakouts minimised.

On clean, dry skin, target the blemish with the red light of the device. Hold for 30 seconds until it beeps. Repeat four times per spot.

8. For Toning: Nuface Trinity Facial Toning Device

Nuface’s tool has been having a bit of a moment on Instagram as of late. And for good reason. An advanced microcurrent facial toning device, it works to improve skin tone, contour the face and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. All in just five minutes a day. Microcurrents gently stimulate the skin, while the ‘Wrinkle Reducer Attachment’ uses red light therapy to target wrinkles.

After cleansing (with an oil-free cleanser), apply a mask-like layer of the gel primer to the skin and gently work the device across the face.

9. For Sculpting + Glow: Skin Gym Face Sculptor

Another tool you may recognise from your Instagram feeds, these ball-shaped devices are designed to mimic the effect of a deep facial massage. The two rounded ends hug your face – think jaw and cheekbones – helping to contour and deliver an instant glow.

Remove makeup, cleanse the skin and then apply a serum, oil or moisturiser. Use from the inner face outwards, working the roller along the contours of the face for five to ten minutes.

10.For An Instant Glow: Skin Gym Glass Facial Cupping Set

Cupping has long been an effective technique for the body, but thanks to Skin Gym’s invention its now easy to apply to the face too. Using suction to increase circulation and reduce inflammation, it helps to firm the skin, improve the appearance of fine lines and give a glowing complexion.

Apply an oil or cream to your face, neck and chest. Squeeze the air out of the silicone cup before applying to areas of concern to stimulate. For a further hit, sweep or glide across the face with a massage stroke, from the inside of the face to the outside.