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24 Hours With: Brian Whittaker

24 Hours With: Brian Whittaker



We’re going to Miami. To celebrate the Spring/Summer 23 BOSS collection, we spent a day in the iconic city with Brian Whittaker. From sitting front row to hanging out beachside, get ready for Miami madness.

Author: Joe Blogs Photographer: Joseph Ironmonger

We’re going to Miami. To celebrate the new BOSS collection, we spent a day in the city where everything is different, with none other than Brian Whittaker.

One of the most exciting faces in fashion right now, Brian is part of a new generation of talent that are doing things differently. And he’s not playing by anyone’s rules. You can catch him hitting the gym, finessing his skincare routine and getting inspired by the women in his life… But most of all? Brian’s busy repping some of the most iconic brands in the world. And top of that list? BOSS.

Join Brian as he takes us on a journey through his Miami moments… From waking up at the hotel to sitting front row at the BOSS show and tucking into some pizza slices, this is what went down in Miami.

Brian Whittaker sitting on bench in hotel room

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The first thing I do when I wake up is…

Drink a litre of water and get ready to go to the gym.

My biggest motivation in life is…

Becoming the man I see in my visions. The thought of bringing an abundance of resources and experiences to my family.

My biggest role models are…

My parents. They moved to a country they weren’t raised in and accomplished a lot as individuals, as well as balancing rational thinking and being tuned into their emotions.

Brian Whittaker eating ice cream

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I’m also a big fan of Howard Hughes.

He was a great innovator and a slightly odd character. I think that humanises him for me.

On a typical morning…

... I tend to be reflecting on recent events in my life, and how I can be a better version of myself in all scenarios. Usually, I skip breakfast as I tend to fast until around 2 pm most days. Then I go to the gym. I listen to a podcast on my commute, and while I’m in the gym I listen to fast-tempo, aggressive music.

After that…

... I’m thinking and planning for the future.

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My style is inspired by the women I date.

I only date women who inspire me in one way or another, so usually, the fashion sense can rub off on me.

I’m inspired by movies…

... I always have a few people I admire from afar.

Fashion is an expression…

... of what periods of time and culture you appreciate. It’s a display of sensuality and thoughts. And maybe, it’s a manifestation of who you see yourself as. Or a projection of who you want to be.

I dress in a lot of different styles.

Even if I’m not posting it. For me, my style can be as simple as expressing my mood, which can be influenced by music.

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I unwind by…

... meditating, listening to music, and going on walks.

The best part of my day is…

... coming out of the gym. That’s when I feel victorious, and my most optimistic. I always have a surge of creativity after exercise too.

My favourite thing about my job is…

... meeting lots of new people with different interests and perspectives.

My proudest moment is…

... probably my first billboard. Many of my career highlights are the in-between moments. The moments my career has allowed me to have. Putting me in the right place at the right time.

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When I’m getting ready for a night out…

I spend a while figuring out what the mood will be for the night. Then, I find an outfit that reflects what I’m feeling.

I switch off with…

... my skincare routine. For some reason, it’s a calming process for me, and it allows me to get into bed feeling clean.

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