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Get The Look: Fresh Skin & Fluffy Brows

Get The Look: Fresh Skin & Fluffy Brows

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Get The Look: Fresh Skin & Fluffy Brows
The hardest type of makeup to pull off? That barely-there, fresh-faced look. You know the one that looks like you didn't even try, whilst achieving a flawless complexion, plump lips and groomed brows

So, who better to share the key to nailing that 'Understated Statement' look that FLANNELS Beauty Ambassador, @nikkimakeup? Keep reading to find out how she created the perfect base, a dewy complexion, and artfully fluffed-up brows. Plus, the beauty products the FLANNELS Beauty team recommends for doing it at home. 

"For the Understated Statement, this is all about looking like the best version of you in the most natural, done but undone way," explains Nikki. "So, skin is fresh and dewy and glowy and has a little flush as if you've gone on a brisk winter walk. Brows are groomed, lashes are tight and separated and lips have a natural stain."

Aka, like you woke up like this...

Skincare is key when preparing for this look and it's really important to make sure that you have lots of hydration. You can give a little facial massage to get the blood circulation going. 
I then followed by mixing foundation with a little bit of liquid highlighter to add a slightly more sheer finish to the foundation and the glow. Because I opted for quite a sheer texture, I wanted to really buff it into the skin and also buffing it into the skin with a sort of circular motion helps to really bring out the pearl in the highlighter and give a super glowy effect. 
I defined and separated the lashes with the Gucci mascara, brushed up brows to give it a model feel.
Cream blush was pressed into the apples of the cheeks and even slightly lower up on the cheeks which gives the look of a very youthful flush. It's nice to have it across the nose because it ties the whole look together and makes everything a bit more cohesive. I kept lips natural with a lip stain.