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Style Advisor: Seeing Green (For Men)

Style Advisor: Seeing Green (For Men)

So many good things in life are green: broccoli, traffic lights, The Hulk, Kermit the Frog, cheese and onion crisps. This week, your friends at FLANNELS are happy to show you the different ways this colour can nourish your style life too, from neon green to army green and everything in-between.

Vetements logo T-shirt


It's neat to be noticed when you're wearing green, as it's such a striking colour. So stand out from the crowd with some hi-vis worthy hues, like this T-shirt from Paris-via-Georgia mischief-makers Vetements. You could even go out in the road and direct traffic with something this bright! (We've just been advised by legal: FLANNELS does not want you to attempt directing traffic.)

T-shirt by Vetements
Saint Laurent Saharienne jacket


You could go through rails and rails and rails of vintage clothing, breathing in seven different times of dust, or you can just go straight to Saint Laurent for the ideal shade of military-ready green. Look at it! You don't even know what you're getting when you look at that thrift shop rail. Hooray for convenience!

Jacket by Saint Laurent
Dolce & Gabbana tropical jungle T-shirt


We're cheating a little (it's totally a black T-shirt), but you cannot have the tropical vibe without tons of green. Check out these different type of leaves that Dolce & Gabbana showcase. You feel like you're peeking through into a hidden stream, or waterfall, or something else you would find in a jungle. Maybe a hammock and a glass of water?

T-shirt by Dolce & Gabbana
Greg Lauren 50/50 modern flight jacket


Green and blue go together like peanut butter and jam. Go on Pinterest right now (yes, that website your aunt uses) and look at all the combinations of workwear/army-inspired green with classic denim. Never gets old, right? Greg Lauren has one-upped the combo, by chopping and re-assembling the two fabrics together in his signature style. Here it is, the end result: the PB&J of jackets.

Jacket by Greg Lauren