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GET THE LOOK: ‘90s Nude Lids & Eyes

GET THE LOOK: ‘90s Nude Lids & Eyes

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Get The Look: ‘90s Nude Lids & Eyes

The ‘90s have been back in a big way in 2021. From our obsession with fashion from the era (think slip dresses, crop tops and pleats) to the resurgence of ‘90s cultural icons (we’re talking Britney and JLo for starters), it’s no wonder it's seeped back into our makeup looks too.

For the 2021 spin on ‘90s makeup, lids and lips are painted nude, skin is velvety and flawless, and hair is big and bouncy. Imagine the supermodels who dominated the catwalks the first time around: cool, polished, low-key but immaculate.

Who better to share the key to nailing the ultimate ‘90s makeup look than FLANNELS Beauty Ambassador, @nikkimakeup? Keep reading to find out how she created a flawless base and applied the perfect shade of nude. Plus, the beauty products the FLANNELS Beauty team recommends for doing it at home.

We’re channelling very ‘90s Naomi with this look. I started by creating a flawless base with foundation. I lightly sculpted under cheek bones to contour. We’re using a matte palette, so matte on the eyes, and keeping the tones quite cool.

I’ve used a black pencil liner to create some definition in the socket and then I’ve just smoked it out with a little blending brush and a little brown eyeshadow on top, which acts as a transitional colour between the black and keeping it a little bit warmer for your skin type.

Then I added a few individual lashes and some liquid liner and a cooler nude in the inner part of the eye, which just gives a nice bit of definition between that and the darker shades. Keep it modern with a brushed-up brow and leave it with a dark brown lip because that’s very ‘90s.
Apply a balm first, so your lips are nicely hydrated, then once it’s had a little bit of time to absorb into the lips, line your lips. Then either with a finger or a blending brush just go around the liner to blend and diffuse that pencil. And then you apply your lipstick on top. That way, you still get that darker lip liner with lipstick, which is still very ‘90s, but it keeps it a bit more modern and flattering because it’s diffused.