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When it comes to timeless hairstyles, big, bouncy waves are a staple. Soft, flattering, and easy to manipulate depending on the occasion, they’re failsafe.

And who better to show us the ropes to achieving perfect loose curls than celebrity hair stylist and founder of Larry King Hair, Larry King himself?

Ideal for weddings, events and your next big night out, the key is to work the right product through your hair at the right time. Have a little patience when it comes to allowing the hair to cool and set (just pin whilst doing your makeup Larry suggests), and always, always brush your curls out.

Keep reading to find out how Larry King created the dream big, bouncy waves and discover the key products from Larry King Hair he recommends to get the look.

STEP 1: I applied, liberally, my Volumizing Hair Mist and My Nanna's Mousse all through the hair.

STEP 2: Then, I start using a round brush and a hair dryer, blow drying it up, getting some nice volume into it.

STEP 3: Then, I pinned it all up into barrel curls, leaving the front out.

STEP 4: Let it cool down (usually in the time it takes to do your makeup) and put a little bit of hairspray through it, so it helps it settle into place.

For this look, we really wanted a glamorous blow dry - quite high shine, with nice waves in the hair.

STEP 5: Once I’ve taken all the barrel curls out (tip: wait until you’re about to walk out the door), I gently brush through the curls so it’s a bit softer and blended into one.

STEP 6: Using a straightening iron, I wave the front of the hair into place.

STEP 7: Finish with A Social Life For Your Hair - it’s very light and not at all oily. Just run it through the hair so that it gives a nice finish.

For me, it’s about getting it quite clean and fresh, so you can really get that high shine – so the hair looks really healthy.