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Spring/summer 2022 sees the return of festival season and with it a new appetite for bold makeup looks. Top of our list of festival makeup looks to try? Lilac eyeshadow.

For SS22, it’s carefully placed across the edges of the lids and paired with a flush of pink blush, faux freckles and an easy nude lip. The key is to go for matte shades, applying to the corners of the eyes and blending out to the edges for an almost feline effect.

Want to give lilac eyeshadow a try? This is how to give your summer festival makeup look a refresh with celebrity makeup artist Nikki Makeup.

STEP 1: First, I did a thorough cleanse. I think that’s important with skin prep to make sure that you’re working on a super clean base.

STEP 2: Then I gave the skin a good massage and moisturise using Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream. STEP 3: I used NARS Sheer Glow Foundation, which was just a beautiful match for Megan’s skin. I perfected any little areas with a touch of Tom Ford Concealer - just under the eyes and any blemishes.

Generation Z embrace makeup and embrace colour, so this look for me was all about experimenting with how we can use colour in a fun and easy to replicate way. When you’re going with a strong colour on the eye, the temptation is to go for a shimmery tone as they’re easier to blend but using a matte colour can be more forgiving and flattering.

STEP 4: I applied a wash of pale brown across the lids, and then I went in with that intense, beautiful lilac in the inner and outer part of the eye. It’s in the inner corner of the eye and then just above the socket kind of crease line on the outer part. And, when you look at the eye as a whole, it ties in and creates a more elongated shape without it having to be all over the lid. With a fun eye like this, I think it’s important to make sure that everything else is balanced. So, I used a cream blush on the skin. A cream blush looks fresh and natural but can still give enough colour pay off to look young and fun. I press that onto the apples of the cheeks. I kept it quite high to keep everything looking fresh and happy, and brought that across the bridge of the nose for a little bit of added flush.

STEP 5: I finished with a few freckles on the skin, which I achieved by using a brow pencil, and just dabbing that on, and then going over the top with a finger to press the product into the skin which keeps it looking a bit more natural.
STEP 6: For the lip I opted for a peachy nude, which again I just pressed into the lips, so we had that softly diffused lip line. STEP 7: I finished with lots of lashes, some individual falsies, and tons of mascara..
When you’ve got a strong colour on the eyes or lips it needs balancing with a little more blush or contour than you would think.

The best way to do them [freckles] is with brow products. Generally, the tones of brow products are cooler, which is more accurate for freckles. So, whatever colour you would normally use on your brows, either that or one shade lighter. The secret is to work in little sections. I like to dot a few areas on and then press back over the top with a finger which almost picks up a little bit of product and helps replicate those freckles so that they look more natural and not so drawn on.