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Monochrome makeup is having a moment. From bold orange to power pink and ‘90s nudes, the coolest way to wear your makeup at the moment is matching. Think lipstick, eyeshadow and blush all coordinating in similar shades.

Our favourite way to work the monochrome makeup trend? Bubblegum pink, aka the colour of the season. From footwear to dresses and accessories, everything is being dipped in the shade. So, it was only a matter of time before it found its way into our makeup looks.

To help us nail the trend, we turned to celebrity makeup artist Nikki Makeup, who created a bright pink blush, lip and eyeshadow look for our spring beauty campaign, Beauty Starring You.

Keep reading to discover her top tips and the products you’ll need to recreate it.
STEP 1: This look is really tapping into the trend of that high-flushed skin but making it a little bit more fun in terms of the colour choices. We’ve gone for a real bubblegum, poppy pink on the cheeks, with a pink highlight to match, and a bright pink lip ties it all together.

STEP 2: I added a little accent in the inner corner of the eye to really embrace the pink. It’s a fun and easy way to wear a pop of eyeshadow - I think you might normally be a bit too nervous to put it all over the lid. You can do it with different shades and it’s super easy to apply - in that inner part of the eye, just as you would for a highlighter but swap that highlighter for a colour instead. It’s a fun way to experiment with different colours without having to fully commit. 
I think for so long we felt like there was a makeup rule that if you wear a certain colour then you can’t match it - you can’t match your nails with your lips with your outfit. And now I think that’s all turned around and the trend to match everything has come right back around.
I kept eyes relatively simple apart from that, with just a liquid liner, lots of lashes, and a perfectly groomed brow.

I did this lip with a lipstick and a lip brush. I made sure I had loads of product on the lip brush - that allows you to get that beautiful clean line around the outside. Because it’s a pink shade, I didn’t want there to be any difference in the colour between lip liner and lipstick, and sometimes I think it can look cleaner if you keep it to that one shade. So, I didn’t use a liner. I just went straight in with a lipstick and added a little powder on top - that helps to hold it in place and take away any excess shine that you can even find on matte shades.
The key to doing it - and doing it well - is to pick a few different tones of the same shade, because different parts of the face maybe need different tones. So, if you’re going for a baby pink on cheeks, maybe try a deeper pink on lips just to keep everything flattering.