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How To: Master The Art Of Gua Sha

How To: Master The Art Of Gua Sha

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How To: Master The Art Of Gua Sha 

If you’re serious about skincare, you need a gua sha (pronounced gwa shah), in your beauty cabinet. Known for their endless amounts of skincare benefits, gua shas are the beauty tools that can help with everything from tightness to puffiness and ageing (to name a few). But what exactly is a gua sha and how can this small stone take your skincare routine to the next level? Keep reading. 


While the word gua sha might be a (relatively) new buzzword on the beauty scene, the technique has been around for centuries. Based on the ancient Chinese healing technique, gua sha was originally an all-over body treatment (sounds relaxing right?). Now, it’s most commonly used in facial therapies to encourage lymphatic drainage and reduces puffiness in the skin. 



How can the practice of gua sha help your skin? Good question: the list is endless. 

If you’re looking to decrease inflammation in the skin, gua sha is your best friend. So, how does gua sha help to depuff the skin? This clever little tool helps to drain the lymphs of excess toxins that cause inflammation in the body, which’ll also help to stimulate collagen and decongest the skin leaving a natural-looking contour. The dream.  

Wanting to add an extra step to your anti-ageing skincare routine? A gua sha is the perfect accessory. If used often, a gua sha can help to tighten the skin, diminish dark circles and soften fine lines and wrinkles. Sign.Us.Up. 



Wondering how you can reap the benefits of gua sha at home? First things first, find the right style of gua sha for you. There’s so many shapes and sizes of gua sha tools so prep yourself for some trial and error. If it’s your first time we recommend going for a tool made from amethyst or jade stone. These are perfect for decreasing inflammation. Sensitive skin? Try a tool made from rose quartz, a crystal known for its calming values.  

Wonder what shape of gua sha you should try? The concave shape gua sha is the most common (you’ve probably seen it all over your social feeds) and can be used all over the face and body.  

So, you’ve found your go-to gua sha, how do you use it? We recommend always applying face oil before starting your gua sha routine. This’ll help the gua sha to move easily across the skin without any tugging (plus, it just feels so much nicer). Use gentle pressure and use a combination of short and long strokes across the areas that need it. Always work upwards in the direction of lymphatic flow – in other words, start with the centre of the face and work outwards. 

Is the gua sha just for the face? Nope, you can use it anywhere. Top tip? If your skin is looking particularly puffy, bring the gua sha down to your neck to increase lymphatic drainage.