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24 Hours With: Edie Rose

24 Hours With: Edie Rose



We’re going to Miami. To celebrate the Spring/Summer 23 BOSS collection, we spent a day in the city with the tastemaker and model.

Author: Marni McFall Photographer: Joseph Ironmonger

We’re going to Miami. To celebrate the launch of the new Spring/Summer 23 BOSS collection, we spent a day with none other than Edie Rose, in a city where everything is different…

Edie Rose is doing things her way. Part of a new generation of talent, you can catch her snoozing, shopping, hanging with her bestie, and most of all? Repping some of the most iconic brands in the world. And top of that list? BOSS.

Join Edie as she takes us on a journey through her Miami moments. From waking up at the hotel to hanging out beachside and getting ready for the BOSS Spring/Summer 23 show, this is what went down in Miami.

Edie Rose sitting on a chair in a hotel room

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Edie Rose drinking coffee wearing white shirt

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The first thing I do when I wake up is…

… snooze. Then I make my bed. I read somewhere once that making your bed correlates to being more productive. It’s become second nature.

My biggest motivation is…

… my mum. That sounds cliché, but knowing how proud she is, and how excited she is by all the things I do… her excitement stops any of the things I do from becoming normal or mundane.

My morning routine is always changing…

… it depends on what I’ve got going on that day. But usually? I wake up, make my bed and make myself and my best friend, who I live with, a smoothie. Then the two of us usually go for a walk around where we live. But we both have a very unstructured day-to-day.

The music that’s fuelling my day…

… makes me feel like a boss b***. And a few tracks have ended up becoming the soundtrack to our Miami trip. When I landed straight off the plane, my driver insisted on playing Party In The USA by Miley Cyrus. That kind of just set the tone.

My go-to song to get ready to in the morning is…

.. The Dress by Dijon. I also love C U Girl by Steve Lacy, it’s a really feel-good song. And I’m obsessed with Ice Spice at the moment.

In Miami, I’m wearing…

… a long, cream BOSS dress by the beach. It’s super cute to chuck on over a bikini or to dress up with a little pair of kitten heels.

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I was super excited about my look for the show…

… it was a leather two-piece set. A long midi skirt with a cropped jacket. It’s very, very me.

My parents are super into fashion.

It’s always been a big part of my life. As a child, I would try on all my mum’s vintage designer clothes that she’s collected over the years. That definitely informed my personal style. A lot.

Edie Rose eating huge pizza slice

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Edie Rose taking picture of ice cream van

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I don’t know how I would describe my style…

… but I would say it definitely changes depending on my mood.

My favourite thing to do on a trip is…

Relax. Take some time away from my phone. Lay by the pool and read. But, in a place like Miami, I’m really excited to explore. I always hear so much about the shopping here. I’m excited to have a proper American couple of days.

I got scouted at a music festival when I was 15.

I’ve been modelling almost full-time since then. Well, properly since I finished school. But even as kids, my brother and I used to model a bit.

Edie Rose in cream jacket on the beach Edie Rose on the beach in white dress

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Miami palm trees behind road

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My Instagram following came quite organically.

I guess it came as a result of posting the shoots I was doing, and my outfits each day. It wasn’t ever something I strived to get into. But I’m super grateful that I did because I absolutely love it.

My favourite thing about my job is…

… the freedom. By not having to go into a nine-to-five, I think I have the freedom to explore my passions.

The moment I’m most proud of so far is…

… seeing my face on a billboard in Times Square. That was a real pinch-me moment for me.

Edie Rose applying lipstick in mirror

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Edie Rose in full leather Boss look

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When I’m getting ready for a night out…

… my best friend and I put music on the speaker, lay out all our makeup on the counter, and get ready together. She’s really good at makeup, so sometimes I’ll convince her to do my glam for me. That’s always so fun. Getting ready is sometimes the best part of the night.

Being on the front row at shows is….

Surreal. It’s still very surreal that I get to sit at any of the shows. At all. Let alone on the same row as people I’ve spent my life looking up to and in awe of.

I switch off with…

… a long shower and a sitcom. My go-to shows to wind down to at the minute are New Girl or The Office.

Boss spring/summer 23 show including three people walking down the catwalk

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Edie Rose and Brian Whittaker outside the Boss show

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