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In Deep: Scent's That'll Boost Your Mood

In Deep: Scent's That'll Boost Your Mood

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We all have our go-to scents. Fragrances that transport us to another time and place. Those that make us feel confident or calm, others that leave us energised and refreshed. The ones we reach for on a hot sunny day or spritz as we head out the door to celebrate.  

It’s these scents that we need more than ever right now. Considered the most depressing month of the year – Christmas is a distant memory, our bank balances are suffering, and the hours of actual sunlight are fleeting – January can be tough. So, what if a spritz of the right thing could help?  

Whether you want to feel more confident, are seeking a moment of calm, or need to snap out of a bad case of the blues, there’s a note that’ll help. From Le Labo and Jo Malone London to Tom Ford and Floral Street, meet the mood-boosting fragrances that’ll do the trick.   


MOOD: Energised 

ABOUT: Think of citrus and the smell is tangible: zesty, fresh, juicy, tangy, bitter... It’s no surprise then that fragrances that pack in these fruits can have such a strong effect on the mind. Think an instant shot of energy, a newfound sense of clarity and a lot less stress – all with just one spritz. What’s more, fresh, citrus scents are those we typically reach for in the summer. The effect? Memories of warm days and sun-soaked holidays. An instant mood boost if ever we heard one.

USE: First thing on a morning or when you’re feeling blue to refresh the mind.  


MOOD: Content 

ABOUT: One of the most widely used ingredients in the world of fragrance, notes of vanilla can be found everywhere. And for good reason. Associated with warmth and comfort, vanilla is anything but basic. So loved in fact that it’s become the central focus for the likes of Tom Ford, Jo Malone London and Floral Street, named loud and proud on the label, while Giorgio Armani have centred an entire franchise – Si – around the scent.  

USE: In moments of stress and fear, when your body and mind are craving comfort and familiarity. Think of it like a giant hug.  


MOOD: Calm  

ABOUT: Musk may have gotten a slightly bad rep over the years but in 2022 it’s in the midst of a big comeback. Originally taken from the sex gland secretion of a Tibetan deer – yes, really – it’s now created synthetically. For what reason? A hit of freshness – think just-washed skin, clean sheets, a gentle breeze on a spring day… The result? A scent that’s said to make you feel calmer, less anxious, more content. Maison Margiela’s Paris Replica scent, Lazy Sunday Morning, sums it up perfectly.  

USE: For those moments when you need to relax or refresh.  


MOOD: Confident 

 ABOUT: One of the most popular flowers in the fragrance world, jasmine has become a staple ingredient. Credited with having multiple personalities – think fresh and green but also creamy and indulgent – it’s no wonder it’s so widely used. Perfumers also claim it’s the ideal scent when it comes to boosting your confidence, giving you a feeling of power and self-assurance. Gucci have weaved it into their franchise of Bloom scents, while for Le Labo, Aerin and BDK, it’s become the star player.  

USE: During those moment when you need a power boost: first dates, big occasions, tricky meetings.