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Style Advisor:         Doing the Most in Moschino

Style Advisor: Doing the Most in Moschino

Don't get us wrong: here at FLANNELS, we love all things simple and minimalist, from high-concept Belgians to don't-disturb-me goth style. It's grand! But we don't intend on wearing the one thing forever, and whenever we want to make a splash with some fun fashion, we can rely on Moschino. The Italian house, underseen by the charismatic Jeremy Scott, always has one or two (or fifty) pieces that are set to shock, stun, startle and stop-someone-in-their-tracks. While winter reigns supreme, it's still worth it to add a little pizazz to the greyness outside. Go on, let's do the absolute most in Moschino.

Moschino heart blazer


...Usually, you're meant to wear it on your sleeve, but what if you're supposed to leave it at the front? A long-running motif of the brand, this crisp blazer reinvents the heart print with a spookier, horror-inspired detail. Offsetting the slasher movie style is the incorporation of glimmering crystals, more and more noticeable as it drips down the front. (Sorry, that got appropriately graphic there.)

Moschino glitter logo belt


There's having a logo emblazoned across your waist. Then there's having that logo presented in solid gold metal. Then there's having that same solid gold logo with glimmering little crystals that capture the light as you walk by. You are officially going above and beyond, and we can't actually blame you.

Moschino magnet shorts


Look at the granola you had for breakfast. It's tasty, yes, and healthier than something with fifteen types of E numbers in it. But you're bored. You miss when brekkie felt like an event, and I'm not talking about the last bougie brunch you attended. Mr Jeremy Scott and his team are restoring that feeling, with energetic multicoloured letters that look like they're floating in milk. Yummy! You may now return to your granola.

Moschino classic runners


A custom sole! In the shape of Moschino's classic teddy bear mascot! In cotton-candy pink! Doubled with different shades of mesh and nappa leather! We are, quite frankly, besides ourselves.

Moschino wedge platform sandals


Envision yourself, relaxed by the side of an infinity pool with a lovely cocktail in hand. You need to pop back to the bar for a moment and strap on these wedge sandals, and all of a sudden you're towering a good three inches above everyone else in their sliders. Adding killer-heel height to a relaxed situation just because? POWER MOVE.