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Forecast: A Poster Girl Summer

Forecast: A Poster Girl Summer

Feeling empowered. Feeling confident. Wearing whatever the hell you want to wear. Our newest label Poster Girl is a call to arms for women to love themselves unconditionally and to embrace their bodies, in all their glorious shapes and sizes.

A collection of figure-hugging dresses in bright, vivid colours, each piece features the brand’s signature cut-out designs that show off the female form in fresh, new ways. Loved by the likes of Kylie Jenner, Dua Lipa and Leomie Anderson, creators Francesca Capper and Natasha Somerville have created the ultimate feel-good label

 To celebrate the launch, we commissioned a series of our favourite FLANNELS women to capture their own self-portraits, challenging them to reclaim their image and their bodies, to celebrate themselves on their terms.

Because a FLANNELS Poster Girl summer is about being the main character in your own fantasy. It’s an attitude, a vibe, an unapologetic self-confidence. And after a year spent living our lives in lockdown, now is the time to be extra.

Welcome to a FLANNELS Poster Girl summer.

Mikai wears Poster Girl
Mikai wears Poster Girl

Mikai McDermott

A Poster Girl Summer to me means being yourself…
… being authentic, really enjoying the skin you’re in, wearing clothes that make you feel sexy, confident and really showing what freedom looks like for women.

I feel most confident when I’m being creative…  
When I get to wear different hairstyles and outfits because they allow me to play with all the facets of my identity. I get to really show myself as the multidimensional being that I am.

My best feature is my skin.  
I have had a long history with acne so I’m really grateful to have reached a place where I feel confident without makeup on. I’ve built a really great skin and body care routine that makes me feel really happy and moisturised, whilst affirming me.

When I’m getting ready, I always listen to Wizkid ft Tems - Essence.  
It’s the perfect chilled Afrobeats song for the summer and always gets me in the perfect mood to have a good time.

Today I’m wearing the Jessica Dress from Poster Girl and I feel really sexy and demure in it.  
I love the way that it shows my cleavage just the right amount and it keeps me really covered up everywhere else. This has to be my favourite piece from the Poster Girl collection.

Simran wears Poster Girl
Simran wears Poster Girl

Simran Randhawa

A FLANNELS Poster Girl summer to me looks like feeling confident in myself…
…feeling hot, feeling empowered, wearing whatever the hell I want to wear and not caring about what anybody else thinks and just being true to myself, and being super feminine and cute.

I feel glam, I feel sexy, I feel confident…
… I feel empowered, I feel strong, I feel like a bad b***h.

Jordan wears Poster Girl
Jordan wears Poster Girl

Jordan Grant

A FLANNELS Poster Girl Summer is a hot girl summer…

… but on a new level.

I feel most confident with a fresh blow dry…
… and major heels. The bigger the blow dry, the better.

My best feature is my eyebrows.
I hated my eyebrows growing up and to be honest I’m lucky they grew back after I plucked them to death. Now I like them the bigger the better.

Gwen McCrae - Keep the Fire Burning, is always playing…
… when I’m getting ready and usually has a second moment during the night if I’m in control of the music.

This outfit makes me feel like I could go to the supermarket…
… I could take out the bins, I could meet the in-laws… yeah just a casual look.

Ellen wears Poster Girl
Ellen wears Poster Girl

Ellen Atlanta

I feel most confident when I allow myself to be.

It's all about perception and sometimes you have to hype yourself up and fake it til you make it. You lose nothing by believing you're the baddest in the room, but you have so much to gain.

After years of being super self-critical, I'm finally at a place where I love my body.
I feel like a woman and I love my curves.

I'm a sucker for any noughties pop/RnB playlist.
I still think Down by Jay Sean is one of the best songs of all time.

Alize wears Poster Girl
Alize wears Poster Girl

Alizé Demange

Poster Girl Summer means to me freedom…

… like confidence in my body, confidence in my sexuality. Probably like the most authentic version of myself as Alizé.

In this outfit, I feel like a ‘70s disco glam goddess…

… ready for the party. Like ready to go, BAM.