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In Profile: Ronan Mckenzie

In Profile: Ronan Mckenzie

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To celebrate the launch of Calvin Klein’s new AW23 collection, Ronan Mckenzie sat down with us to talk style, inspiration and creativity.

WORDS: MARNI ROSE MCFALL Photographer: Joseph Ironmonger

Ronan Mckenzie is at the top of her game. The London-based multidisciplinary artist has had a big year. From shooting Alva Claire for Mulberry to launching the To Be Held exhibition at the Carl Freedman Gallery and curating the Portrait of a Top Boy exhibit at Somerset House Embankment Galleries, Mckenzie is making her mark. And she’s not slowing down any time soon.

Her latest move? Stepping in front of the camera for Calvin Klein’s AW23 collection at FLANNELS. True to form, the iconic brand has launched a campaign that focuses on minimal, classic pieces, remixed with a 2023 sensibility. And the search for that feeling. You know, the one where you put on a really amazing piece of clothing and you just feel, like you? Yeah, that feeling. For Mckenzie, that means dressing up in iconic slip dresses and tailored styles.

 To celebrate the launch of the campaign, Ronan Mckenzie sat down with us to talk style, inspiration and creativity. This is everything you need to know.

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How do clothes make you feel?

Clothes have the power to make me feel all kinds of things. My choice of clothes makes me feel courageous, powerful, safe and ultimately, myself. 

When do you feel the most like you?

 When I’m in environments which allow me to be myself - be that silly, serious, tranquil. Just me being me is celebrated.

What brings you joy?

Sunshine, celebrating big wins and small daily wins. A delicious meal, achieving a challenge, learning, adventures. And, most importantly being surrounded by loved ones.

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What does fashion mean to you?

Fashion is something unique that each person holds. Two people can be wearing the same look and it feels completely different. I love that even if I don’t love a garment, how someone is wearing it makes me love how that piece makes them feel. Fashion is an expression - we have to wear clothes every day, so may as well make them an experience.

Describe your sense of style in three words.

Versatile, playful, energising.

You’re a multi-disciplinary creative, what inspires you to create?

 The most inspiring thing to me is having the space to explore and learn. There are so many experiences that I draw inspiration from. What gives me the most fire in my belly is just having the headspace to let my mind run and play creatively.

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What’s your earliest fashion memory?

I had some little red wellies when I was about three; I absolutely loved them and wore them with everything. After that, I was given a hand-me-down brown velvet waistcoat from one of my older siblings and insisted on wearing it everywhere.

There’s such a sense of life across your body of work. How do you use your work to tell stories?

My work across mediums is my translation and expression of my ideas, experiences and hopes. These narratives - some of my own, and some gathered - are explored through different mediums.

When are you proudest of something you’ve created?

When the final outcome has the feeling I intended during its creation.

How do you ensure your work always feels authentic to your life and your vision?

I create from a place of love.




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