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Fashion, friendship and sisterhood: step into the world of fashion rental.


Over the past few years, a new fashion phenomenon has exploded onto the scene. And no, we’re not talking about the Y2K revival we’re talking about a new trend in retail that seems destined to expand how we consume clothes, forever. It is, of course, rental fashion. Shopping better, wearing smarter and rediscovering the fun of fashion? We’re into it. Get in girlies, it’s time to get renting.

And the FLANNELS Rental offering is the best in the game. Recently dubbed one of the best in the country by Elle UK, FLANNELS Rental is a service like no other. Home to some of the best brands in the business (think Mugler, Magda Butrym and more) and some of the most covetable looks of the past year, we’re showing the world the joy of fashion rental.

And in case you needed a refresher? We’ve gone on a deep dive into the wonderful world of rental fashion. From the slow fashion movement to the wardrobe of our childhood dreams and the relationship between fashion and sisterhood, here’s everything you need to know about fashion rental and why you should 100% be renting a piece for your next holiday or wedding.

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Firstly: what actually is rental fashion? Yes, it’s clothes you rent (duh), but it’s also a retail revolution. According to Fashion United, the fashion rental market is “expected to grow more than 10% year-on-year until 2027” and recently The I reported that the industry is predicted to be worth £2.3bn by 2029. Basically, clothing rental is the future.

But more than that, it is a fun way that we can engage with clothing that celebrates fashion and sisterhood. The thing is fashion and sisterhood have always gone hand in hand. The best part of the night out? It’s always been the getting ready. Picture the scene: there’s piles of clothes on the floor, make-up everywhere, music blasting and someone asking if anyone has a skirt that’ll go with this top or a bag that’ll match that dress. And this energy? It’s eternal. It started when we were children getting ready for a school disco, it was there when we were picking out prom dresses, heading out on a Friday night after sixth form or going on nights out at uni. Today? It’s still there.

With fashion rental, there’s (almost) limitless wardrobe possibilities. Travel through trends, eras and styles, all through a scroll on your screen. Feeling Y2K? Chanel your inner Paris Hilton and rent a shimmering party dress. Feel like sampling every It bag of the season? Make like you’re Louise in the Sex And The City Movie and tote every bag in town. With FLANNELS Rental, it CAN be yours til Tuesday.

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We’ve all been there: staring into a wardrobe on a Friday night and feeling like you have nothing to wear. But with rental? That feeling is gone forever. Instead of staring into a mountain of clothes, you can take a look into FLANNELS own wardrobe. With rental, you’re picking one item for say, a particular event, and all you have to do is love the garment and love yourself in it. See rental fashion is your new BFF, (that’s best fashion friend to the uninitiated).

Another huge upside? It’s kinder to yourself and to the planet. In 2023, we’re taking a closer look at the ways you consume. And along the way, a new fashion movement has emerged – slow fashion. Unfamiliar? We’ll break it down for you. Think, lending, borrowing and mending clothes, moving towards pieces with timeless designs and premium quality. Think capsule wardrobes, renting dresses for special occasions and working towards a more circular approach to fashion.

And the movement is taking off. Today, #slowfashion has 1.2 billion views on TikTok. Why the push towards slow fashion you ask? By steering away from the mentality of buying something new for every event, we’re lessening our consumption. Slow fashion encourages us to appreciate and invest in clothes we’re likely to keep for longer. This means we have more items we really love, and less items we can’t remember why we bought. Mum was right, sharing really is caring.

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As for the rules of renting? Here are our top tips. When it comes to event dressing, fashion rental is a sartorial miracle worker. Here you can pick something you’ll just want to wear once to a wedding/summer party/special occasion. Packing for your summer holiday? A beach-ready dress from Christopher Esber should be on your list, as should a night-out ready mini from Magda Butrym. But always think about where you’re wearing the garment. Off to a wedding? A piece from Cult Gaia, Missoni or The Vampire’s Wife will be the perfect plus one. But if you’re heading to an all-night rave? Maybe avoid wearing a glitter gown from The Attico – think dirt, damage etc. You want to make sure you’ll always be returning the item in pristine condition. For that kind of event, a mini dress by way of Coperni or Dion Lee might be more appropriate. Make sure you inspect the garment first and stick to your deadlines (they’re there for a reason). And always try the piece on before you head to whatever event you’re off to.

Ready to get renting? With FLANNELS rental it’s never been easier. How does it work we hear you ask? Start by browsing our rental collection and select the perfect piece. Get the look delivered straight to your door. And the best bit? To make things easy for you, delivery, returns and dry cleaning are always free. The last step in this fashion trifecta? Repeat. You loved the style you rented? You can rent it again, and again, and again.




Searching for a wedding guest outfit? Packing for your summer holiday? We’ve got your summer outfits covered with FLANNELS Rental.




Sweat, sun and salt. Long, hot summer holidays are finally upon us. From Dolce and Gabbana to Magda Butrym, this is what we’re taking with us.