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Sneaker Series:   Set Up To Stand Out

Sneaker Series: Set Up To Stand Out

We're only human at FLANNELS - we love ourselves a new pair of trainers. But there's so many different types to choose from: do you stick with your old favourites and re-up? Do you push your boundaries and aim for something different? Do you follow the trends, or stick to your own wave? Low-top or high? SO. MANY. QUESTIONS. So we wanted to set you up with four trainer models we're impressed by, that expand the visual medium of sneakerdom further than we'd considered possible. It's a wild world of footwear out there, but let's get to it.

Golden Goose running sole trainers


You've probably seen Golden Goose Deluxe Brand's distressed sneakers. But think of how that carefully-ruined design puts a glittering star to the side - it's not the key focus. However, the Italian brand's new Running Sole trainers puts stars in your eyes, making it the calling card of the label. You can keep your swooshes, triple stripes, et cetera et cetera - we've got a new superstar on the block. 

Alexander McQueen oversized see-through sole trainers


Walk down the street, turn on the telly, venture into your local FLANNELS, whatever you do, it's unmistakeable: Alexander McQueen’s oversized sneaker is the hottest trainer in the world. First released in 2016, its stature has only grown thanks to its exaggerated height, luxe leather and a never-ceasing option of colourways. You can't avoid them. Why would you?

Y3 Runner 4D trainers


The other designs are plenty bold, but are you looking to wear some fashion tech? Yohji Yamamoto and his Y-3 label have designed each pair of their Futurecraft 4D trainers, using a 3D-printed midsole that simultaneously works as an architectural delight and  maintains grip for the everyday runner. That, and it was worn for the first time on Yamamoto's Paris Fashion Week runway. Add all that together, and you got one hell of a pair on your feet.

 Amiri Skel-toe trainers


Amiri have come a long way. Before the brand became a must-know proposition in modern menswear, founder Mike Amiri hand-crafted on-stage looks for rock icons in Los Angeles. These Skel-Toe trainers point to how the brand has evolved, developing a luxurious-yet-loopy aesthetic for everyday pieces; at the same time, it's the work of a designer carefully making pieces that fuel your inner rock'n'roller to the next level.

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