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Style Advisor: How To Be A Ganni Girl

Style Advisor: How To Be A Ganni Girl

Cult Copenhagen label Ganni is reimagining Scandi style for the modern woman with feminine, effortless pieces served with a side of attitude. Founded in 2000 by designer Ditte Refstrupp, it’s a fashion favourite for cool-girls around the world, all drawn to its easy, playful aesthetic and trend-less style. The brand’s loyal following, a stylish tribe of #GANNIGirls, comes in many guises. The collections, with a mix of minimalist pieces, maximalist prints, oversized silhouettes and thigh-skimming party dresses, are designed to allow you to express yourself by dressing how you feel on any given day. Be it a dramatic fashion statement or a pared-back city vibe. On a mission to channel our inner Ganni girl, we caught up with Refstrupp to find out more about what defines the Scandi style movement of the moment.

A woman with long dark hair sat on the floor, leaning back on her hands, wearing a green and black striped Ganni skit jumper, black jean Ganni flares and patchwork mock crock leather cowboy boots


"The Ganni Girl is not one single polished persona - it’s plural, and inclusive of everyone. That’s what our #GANNIGirls movement is all about. It’s really a state of mind rather than a way of dressing. These women are full of personality and confidence. They march to the beat of their own drum, are uncomplicated and view personal style as a form of self-expression."


"A Ganni girl wears anything from a leather jacket to a beautiful silk dress or soft cashmere knit. What makes her interesting and incredibly sexy is what she adds to the mix, and that feeling of dressing for yourself and nobody else."

A woman stood up with her hands in her jeans pockets wearing a white denim shirt and black flared Ganni jeans with an exposed midriff
A woman wearing black leather Western amkle boots with bare legs, a long sleeved maxi dress in a floral print with a V kneckline and wraparound layered over a green and black striped knit


"Ganni girls have something effortless that you can’t quite put your finger on, which I always look to when designing. They’re comfortable in their own skin and don’t try too hard. It’s an attitude rather than a sense of style. She wears the dress, it doesn’t wear her. At least that’s how I think of her in my dreams.”

– Ditte Reffstrup, Creative Director, Ganni

Photography: Matthew Brann, Words: Florence Trott, Styling: Gemma Baguley