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FLANNELS THINKS: 2022, It’s All About Miu Miu

FLANNELS THINKS: 2022, It’s All About Miu Miu

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Brand of the year, creator of viral mini skirts and the most toted bag in the business: this how Miu Miu conquered the fashion world in 2022.

Tora Northman

It was only a matter of time before Miu Miu made its inevitable return. And when the wave of ‘90s trends and Y2K aesthetics came rolling in, a whole new generation discovered the beauty of Miuccia Prada’s genius.

This year, Miu Miu has been crowned “Brand of the Year” in Lyst’s Annual Report. No easy feat for any label, but for Miu Miu it comes as no surprise. From the viral mini skirts worn by everyone from Nicole Kidman to Paloma Elsesser, to TikTok’s favourite ballet flats, Miu Miu has been everywhere in 2022.

Most notably, on social media, which has played a major role in the label’s upswing, introducing a whole new audience to Miu Miu at just the right moment. In 2022, labels have gone heavy on nostalgia, with ‘90s and early 2000s trends gaining new traction. Front and centre of the revival? Miu Miu, of course.

As we dove into vintage pieces from the label, flipping through Miu Miu’s vast archive of girly dresses, perfect mules, and casual shirts, we also started paying attention to what was happening on the runway.

Of course, Miu Miu’s always been around, but it’s been lurking in the shadows, hiding behind its older sister, Prada. But everything changed sometime during 2021. It kicked off with the Fall/Winter 2021 “Brave Hearts” collection. Shot in the alps, it was released as a virtual showcase during a time when brands still weren’t able to put on physical shows due to COVID-19. 


Debuting knitted balaclavas and bonnets, pastel-coloured jackets, exaggerated fur boots and more, the collection quickly received plenty of attention, setting the tone for what was to come.

Then, the viral mini skirt followed a season later…


It felt as if the SS22 collection captured our collective return to work, but in a way that was casual and cool. The collection had youthful energy, showing plenty of skin and layering shirts with frayed hems under loose cable knits. To me, it felt sexy but in an effortless way, and much like everyone else, I was hooked. 


It’s hard to say whether the now iconic mini skirt got so much airtime because of how ridiculously short it is, or because every single celebrity, influencer and fashion follower had one, but it’s safe to say everyone and their mother were exposed to the piece at least once this year. So much so it earned its own fanstagram, @miumiuset.


Of course, these days a lot of success depends on creating viral moments for social media.  And the skirt immediately generated buzz and controversy, which also resulted in the rest of the collection to also gain plenty of hype – and plenty of magazine covers. 

Images: Jeremy French 

Almost overnight, Miu Miu became the It brand of the moment. And once the SS22 collection hit the shelves, it continued making waves. Plenty of labels tried to recreate the iconic skirts, and TikTok was flooded with DIY videos and tutorials on how to achieve the Miu Miu look on a budget. Despite its sky-high price tags, it felt like the collection truly resonated with everyone.

A lot of Miu Miu’s success can be attributed to the return of Y2K aesthetics, bringing back low-rise jeans and tiny skirts, and the label got its timing just right.

Images: Jeremy French, Getty 

To put it simply, everyone wants a piece of Miu Miu. And the proof is in the Lyst pudding, reflected in their yearly report.

Of course, social media has once again played a huge role in the brand’s growth. #MiuMiu has garnered over 1.1 billion views on TikTok and the hype isn’t dying down any time soon. A “getting ready in Miu Miu” video recently received nearly 500K likes - the best confirmation any brand needs of its success.

Dressing and seeding the right celebrities will always be a great way to build hype but keeping Gen Z interested and engaged is where the real money is at.

As Miu Miu moves forward, it’s story and messaging will also come into play. The fashion market is hugely oversaturated, and to convince someone to buy from your brand you also have to get them to buy into your story — and Miu Miu has plenty of history.

We’ve already seen the label create plenty of trends but pulling from its own vast archive and self-referencing is something a lot of brands can’t do. We’ve already seen a little tease that Miu Miu is bringing back menswear in 2023, via the runways of its the past two collections and moving in a more unisex direction will be in the brand’s favour. 

On Instagram, accounts like @miumiu_archive and @miumiuarchive are gaining followers by the day. So, it’s clear that the appetite is there – especially considering the ever-growing nostalgia we’re feeling in fashion at the moment. 

With FKA Twigs closing the label’s latest SS23 show in Paris, it’s clear that the house is also trying to establish clear muses. Tapping into Gen Z favourites, including Hailey Bieber, Sydney Sweeney, Emma Corrin, and Emily Ratajkowski, is the perfect move when it comes to retaining its younger audience, and I can’t wait to see what’s next for Miu Miu and Miuccia.

It is fun to watch Miu Miu. And the reason we all love it is because it’s become just as interesting to follow for those OG fans since its inception in 1993 as it has for the new gen, finding it for the first time via TikTok and viral campaigns.

Let's see what Miu Miu has in store for 2023 - we're excited for something Miu.

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