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In Deep: Hyaluronic Acid 101

In Deep: Hyaluronic Acid 101



Hyaluronic acid. If you’re a regular on the beauty scene, you’ve seen it. For the less beauty-savvy, we promise, it’s nowhere near as scary as it sounds. Arguably the secret ingredient to softer, plumper, smoother skin, is an absolute must in any skincare routine. But understanding how to use it and what type to use can be tricky. We’ve got you covered. From moisturisers to serums, we’ve rounded up the hottest hyaluronic acid products on the market. Plus, we’re breaking down all the info you need to know.

What is hyaluronic acid?

In a nutshell, hyaluronic acid (aka HA) is a transparent, sticky liquid that’s naturally produced by our bodies. Think of it as a magnet for moisture, helping your skin retain as much H2O as possible. The result is skin that feels plump, radiant and hydrated. How? This genius ingredient can hold on to water molecules, acting like a sponge and soaking up 1,000 times its weight in water. Pretty impressive.

Why should you start using hyaluronic acid?

We all want hydrated, healthy-looking skin and hyaluronic acid is your ticket. If you suffer from dryness or dehydration, hyaluronic acid can help your skin to feel less tight, more moisturised. Plus, it can also help with flakiness and dry patches. As you get older, your body’s natural ability to produce HA decreases and so does the skin elasticity. So, if you’re looking to hold on to your youthful-looking complexion, hyaluronic acid is the one. Top tip? Make sure you drink plenty of water (2 litres a day should do it) to maximise the benefits of this ingredient.

How to pick a hyaluronic acid?

Oily, dry, ageing, sensitive or acne-prone, every skin type or skin issue can benefit from using hyaluronic acid. But what type of product is best for you? Luckily, hyaluronic acid comes in all forms. From exfoliators and cleansers to serums and face masks, it’s easy to incorporate hyaluronic acid into your routine. If you have oily/acne-prone skin, keep an eye out for ‘oil-free’ moisturisers or opt for a hyaluronic acid-based cleanser. If your skin is ultra-dry/dehydrated, look for a serum or moisturiser that will help to deeply hydrate the skin.


Serums are a great way to penetrate the skin and tackle skin issues. Want to wake up with a hydrated glow? It doesn’t get much better than Estée Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair. For a great everyday serum, you can use morning or night, check out Dr. Barbara Sturm’s Hyaluronic Serum or 111 Skin’s Hyaluronic Acid Aqua Booster. Looking to invest in your skin? Treat yourself to Sisley’s Hydra Global Serum. Why? It contains pansy extract to increase the skin’s water circulation, and iris extract, which protects the ingredient of hyaluronic acid. In essence, it is protecting the ingredient that is protecting your skin. Clever.


Lock all that good stuff in with a hydrating moisturiser. For dry or dehydrated skin types, Sisley’s Hydra Global Moisturiser is a must. If your skin is lacking glow, Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Cream is not only healthy skin in a jar, it also makes a flawless base for makeup. For anti-ageing, Lancôme’s’ Advanced Genefique Repairing Night Cream has a rich formula that helps to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Last but definitely not least, Augustinus Bader; the brand skincare obsessives can’t stop talking about. The Cream is the perfect introduction. Refreshing and lightweight, this daily moisturiser supports cellular renewal for improved skin tone and appearance.

Face mists

Misting is the easiest way to get an extra hit of hydration. For a face mist that does it all, we’re obsessed with Omorovicza, La Mer and Dr. Barbara Sturm. Looking for something to go the extra mile? Dermalogica’s Hyaluronic Ceramide Mist contains skin-barrier strengthening ceramides. Hyaluronic acid serums work best on slightly dampened skin, so spritz your mist onto your skin before applying your serum to double up on hydration.

Face masks

When you have a little extra time, a face mask is a perfect way to squeeze in some self-care. Don’t have time for a pampering session? No worries, Origins’ Drink Up 10 Minute Mask will hydrate and transform your skin in a flash. The dream. If you’re constantly travelling, we recommend always having Sarah Chapman’s 3D Moisture Infusion or Dr. Jart’s Cryo Rubber with Moisturising Hyaluronic Acid in your beauty bag. Intensely hydrating and nourishing, both masks are ideal for getting a dose of hyaluronic acid into your skincare routine. Want to hydrate while you sleep? Try 111 Skin’s Meso Infusion Overnight Micro Mask and wake up to plump and radiant skin.