Ice baths, the power of mushrooms and training to run from L.A. to New York: it’s all in a day’s work for runner William Goodge.

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William Goodge is doing things we could only dream of. He’s already run the length of the UK and in 2023 he has his sights set on making it from L.A. to New York on two legs.

No wonder then that he’s captivated a strong following on social media where he shares snapshots of his life, from training hard to running miles, resting and playing in between via Paris Fashion Week and beyond.

Last year saw him complete the New York, Berlin and London marathons (to name just a few), run the 104-mile perimeter of Lake Como in less than 24 hours – setting the first known record for it as he went – take to the desert in Morocco and run 242 miles with ultra-endurance athlete Robbie Balengar in Texas. At 28, he’s got more miles under his belt than we anticipate in a lifetime.

From ice baths to the power of mushrooms and why training always comes first, get to know William Goodge.

The first thing I do when I wake up is…

Take a breath, get some water and the Puresport Mushroom Complex capsules (which feature Cordyceps mushrooms) a coffee and allow myself a short period to enter into the day... I'll put some music on, enjoy a quiet moment and then I can see what the day is bringing me.

Cordyceps mushrooms are amazing for cardiovascular health, so heart and lungs.

There’s been some interesting studies about how it can improve your VO2 max. As an athlete or just anyone in endurance sport, your VO2 max is a very important thing. It’s basically how well your body uses oxygen; how much oxygen you can use in your body at any one time. So, if you’ve got a high VO2 max, generally, it’s a good bar to show how fit you are. Cordyceps mushrooms - for some bizarre and wonderful reason - help improve it. There have been studies which show training cyclists taking them over a four-week period saw their VO2 max improved by up to 12 per cent, which is actually insane.

My biggest fear is wasting time or wasting opportunities.

I feel like every morning when you wake up you’ve got a certain amount of time and a certain opportunity that you can grab. So, I have to get going. And that can be in any way, it can be physically, but it can be mentally and also just with rest. But, making sure there is some kind of plan and going to it.

I find it hard to take inspiration from people I don’t truly know…

… which proves how lucky I am to have truly great people in my life. The first person I think of is my friend and fellow ultra-runner, Robbie Balenger. He’s achieved things in the running space that require a different level of resilience and dedication. And my dad, Graham. From a council flat in a small town, he grew his own business in construction and afforded me and my brother the perfect upbringing with everything we would ever need.


My big motivation in life is making it all count.

It might sound cliché, but I like doing things that aren’t normal. I find I can live within myself better if I have a goal of doing something that is going to test me; it gives me something that I can look forward to. But it’s got to be scary enough that I have to act in the meantime to ensure that I’ll be able to do it.

My routine is freedom.

I understand myself and that I can’t be too rigid with when I train. I do it a lot for my endeavours, so it has priority, but I have to work with my flows and moods… I find I’m better at training hard in the afternoon or evening. I run every single day without fail at the moment and have three to four gym sessions too, so training happens at all times over a week’s period.

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My go-to kit right now is the On Running Cloudmonster running shoes.

They’re responsive, comfortable, hold the foot in place well and are great for any distance. In ultra, I run all kinds of distances over a week from a 3km warm up on a treadmill to a three-hour long run on tarmac and gravel and the Cloudmonster handles it all well. Shorts are a big one for me, as a 'bigger' runner I need some kind of tight as otherwise, I will chafe, so the 2-in-1 Hybrid Short is great for me.

A blend of comfort, functionality and fashion is how I would describe my style.

It's important for me to feel good and myself in any given situation and I believe that if you do, you will carry the clothes well. Day time weekdays catch me in some sweatpants, a basic tee and then I will elevate it with a jumper, jacket, and trainers. The latter I've been collecting in a way since I was a teen, and they can take those relative basics and complete the fit.


Living in London inspires me. 


I love the freedom of personal style without judgement that it affords; you can be anywhere and see such an eclectic mix. I’ve also always had an affinity with Italian and Japanese style and culture, so I find myself leaning on those influences whilst always having an eye on the streetwear scene. It's hard to box off one or two things; if I like something, I like it. It differs from my work in running because running has to be functional first. It has to work before it looks good otherwise it's a non-starter, but what I do love is how fashion and sport are crossing over more and more.

Music fuels my day and anything can inspire me during a workout or run.

From something more aggressive or upbeat in the gym or faster runs, to soulful and emotionally provoking tracks for long steady runs and general life.

As much as I can eat whole, unmodified, real food the better.

The impact it will have on your gut health, skin, mood and energy levels cannot be discounted. But trust me when I say I am far from perfect, I get cravings, eat fast food and fall off the health wagon frequently. On a good day, I will intermittently fast, but breakfast is too good of a meal to skip, so that first meal around lunchtime will include eggs, vegetables, and another meat protein source.

I went through a family tragedy at the potentially dangerous age of 23.

Old enough to make your own choices, but young enough perhaps to not have the life experience to deal with a big trauma. Luckily in that period, running became my escape and therapy and has become the reason I am who I am today. I owe everything to exercise.

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This year, I’m running across America.

3175 miles from Los Angeles to New York, in 64 days to become the fastest Brit of all time to make the journey. That is taking up most of my time but there's always other things going on alongside that.

My first big challenge was running the length of the UK in 2019.

It broke me down physically and mentally in a way I cannot describe in words. But I made it out the other side and it has been my superpower since, nothing has been or will be as hard as that... but I'm quite confident the US run will be.

Any good ideas that have come to fruition have happened on runs…

… and having my phone with me so I can add things into notes. It's that increase of blood flow to the brain, an ever-changing canvas in front of your eyes when you're out running, and true and undistracted time to yourself.

Cooking is a big creative outlet for me.

It’s a romantic process: going to the market to get the right local produce, inviting friends over, sharing it with them. It's my way of showing love… it's a way to relax and explore the flavours of the world from the comfort of your kitchen. So that will take up most of my evening and then after I eat, I relax and prepare for bed.

My signature dish is Spaghetti alla Nerano…

… a dish mainly comprising of zucchini as both the sauce and topping, parmesan, and basil. The best dishes for me are simple using quality ingredients and allowing them to shine.

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The last book I read was The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.

It's a powerful book and a short read. I drew a lot of comfort and inspiration from the story; it really affected me positively and made me think the way I am choosing to live is truly the right way for me.

I really like Rich Roll…

… his intellect alongside his guest choice is always interesting and thought provoking. If I have to single out my favourite podcast episode of all time though, it lays with Joe Rogan with Paul Stamets episode #1305. Over two hours talking about the power of mushrooms, this was where my fascination with natural wellness really began.

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Recovery is as important as the exercise itself…

… and they both need each other to make actual positive change. There isn't a day for me that doesn't involve a form of recovery and I lean mainly on the easiest, but most important thing: sleep. I have a quote that I say: "maximise your time asleep so you can maximise your time awake," and one thing that really helps me with that are two Puresport products. Unwind Deep Sleep Nootropic Capsules are the holy grail of sleep for me with ingredients designed to help calm your mind, [help you] drift off to sleep, stay asleep and reach those deeper levels of pro-recovery deep and REM sleep…. Montmorency Cherry helps the brain to produce melatonin, a natural occurring chemical that makes you sleepy. The other one is Pure CBD Oil, which works with your body’s natural rhythms to ease stress and reduce pain and inflammation...

I have a tendency to come alive in the nighttime and struggle to switch off…

… and these both really help. Another important recovery routine to me is hot/cold therapy. Ice baths are on the rise for how they help promote the production of shock proteins, which rapidly release to improve recovery, and have been linked to improved mood, reduced stress, and inflammation as well as better sleep.


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