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Trending: Y2K Beauty

Trending: Y2K Beauty

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Fashion and beauty trends have a habit of recycling themselves. In the last year alone, we’ve seen the return of ‘70s-style denim, ‘90s dark brown lips and ‘80s tulle. Now, Y2K beauty is having its moment. From frosted lids and ultra-straight hair to excessive amounts of lip liner and a high-gloss pout, all the trends we thought we left in 2002 are back. Of course, (thanks to Gen Z), they've been given a new lease of life and we’re obsessed. From tips and tricks to the best products to use, we’re breaking down the hottest Y2K beauty trends you need on your radar.


The ‘90s and ‘00s were all about having fun with your eye makeup. While last summer we saw pops of bright, ‘80s-inspired colours take over, Y2K beauty takes a softer approach. Think baby blues, pale pinks and minty greens, with a tiny bit of shimmer for a frosted finish. And, last but not least: glitter. This time around things are a little less intense - more carefully placed on the eyelids than an all-out affair.

High-Gloss Lip

Lips that you could spot from a mile away... Think thick, sheeny formulas (without the stickiness), that effortlessly glide over lips for an eye-catching finish. Pro tip? Get your hands on a clear lip formula, like Iconic London’s Lustre Lip Oil, so you can pop it on top of your go-to lipstick. Get ready to layer up and prepare for a seriously glossy finish.

Lots of Lip Liner

The ‘90s were all about a minimalist, barely-there makeup look, but the turn of the century saw a more-is-more approach take hold. Cue excessive amounts of dark lip liner, with pouts outlined in rich brown shades that didn't necessarily match your lipstick.  From Y2K poster girl Bella Hadid to Grammy-award-winning Lizzo, this trend is everywhere again. Top tip? Focus the lip liner on the centre of your lips, keeping it soft in the corners, then go over with lipstick. 

Bright French Tips

Remember your first ever manicure? It was probably a set of square French tips and you probably thought it was the hottest look. Well, it is now (sort of). Gone are the days of square, overly thick white nail tips. Now, we’re all about French manicures that come in a variety of colours and have more of a natural, almond shape tip. If it’s good enough for Hot Girl and Y2K trend-setter, Megan Thee Stallion, it’s good enough for us.

Super-Straight Hair

We love a bouncy blow-dry and natural curls but there’s something about dead-straight hair that just hits the spot. Maybe it’s because it’s easier to manage on a night out? Or maybe it’s generally just easier to achieve. But one of our favourite Y2K beauty trends? Super-straight hair.  If you still think straighteners are the only way to achieve smooth, sleek hair, think again. Get your hands on a straightening brush, like Amika's Polished Perfection Straightening Brush, and comb down any baby hairs with Larry King’s Flyaway Kit. A sleek, manageable blow-dry with little effort required? You can thank us later.